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Dec 21, 2012 4:30am PST
of trouble became a distraction and it was easier to close the schools. >>> happening now in mexico, thousands of people are marking the end of the mayan era. this is new video of a huge crowd overnight. city built by the mayan civilluation. and while somberly this means the end of the civilization these people say the sunrise will bring a new and better age. here in the bay area people gathered to celebrate what some thought to be their last few hours on earth. the owner of the uptown nightclub hosted a doomsday party last night. the mood was light hearted. there was a prediction that the world would end at midnight and midnight came and nothing. >> i think it's fun to think about. new zealand is still around so i think we will be okay. >> at berkeley surplus more people have been buying survival gear for the end of the world of days. and the u.s. geological survey says nothing out of the ordinary has been detected on or around earth. >>> 4:48 now. end of the world not here. that means people have to go to work, sal. sorry about that. [ laughter ] >> yes, we are here, brian. and it
Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
of president mohamed morsi over the country's new constitution. meanwhile president mohamed morsi has maintained security in the under up on the vote to that constitution. >>> -- in the run up on the vote to that constitution. >>> they are sending a team to mexico to help find the cause of the crash. rivera and six others died after their learjet went down in mexico. many considered rivera a role model. >> she could have been your girlfriend, somebody you could just talk to and she went through domestic violence and that's why women really related to her because she was really one of the girls. >> and the driver's license was found among the wreckage and so far no bodies were recovered. >>> seattle they touched down. the pilots landed the boeing 737 in sacramento due to an electrical smell coming from the back of the plane. all 132 passengers were booked on other flights. they complained of the odor and were treated. >>> a san jose kaiaker drowned in a creek. 39-year-old shelby daniel was with friends on clear creek on sunday when her kaiak capsized south of whiskey town lake. they we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2